Principles & Values

WDI Operating Principals and Values

Building a women's meeting place in India

Building a women’s meeting place in India

The mission of World Dignity, Inc. is focused by its operating principles and values, which guide its selection of projects and their operation:

  1. Works with people who are poor in the country or region it operates, except in natural or man-made disasters.
  2. Works with poor people only at their invitation to do so.
  3. Develops and shapes programs and activities with the people to be affected by those programs. Local culture and “ways of operating” are respected.
  4. Makes the highest and best use of volunteers in all its operations.
  5. Selects staff and volunteers for the projects, to the largest extent possible from the community or area in which projects are implemented.
  6. Works only in areas which it knows well or which it can get to know well.
  7. Avoids unnecessary burdens for the communities and people it works with. Expenses are kept to a minimum.
  8. Considers the long term effects and sustainability of its activities.
  9. Enhances the dignity of all the people affected by the programs and activities.
  10. Evaluates its programs and activities and incorporates the findings in its operations

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